F350 GX200 with centrifugal clutch / 16" turf rear w/tyres

F350 GX200 with centrifugal clutch / 16" turf rear w/tyres

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Kit Specification:


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  • F350 go kart kit, including  25mm rear axle & all mechanical components plus GX200 HONDA engine fitted with a centrifugal clutch. 20% inc. in accelleration over GX160. Top speed remains the same.



  • Centrifugal clutch will give a top speed of 25mph. It is mainly suitable for low hills & paddocks.This is a single speed transmission. To govern the top speed to 15mph you will need to add a speed reducer kit. We recommend this for drivers younger than 10 yrs old.

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      • 16" Turf wheels fitted with 25mm rally kart hubs at the rear, with 14" ATV fitted at the front of the go kart.
  • Suitable for ages 6yrs-12yrs. Fitted with dual pedal positions as standard.
  • Certificated roll-cage & mechanical disc braking.




Kit Contents:

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  • Fully welded, certificated roll-cage frame, complete with steering column, stub axles, pedal kit & track rods.
  • All mechanical components including, seat, harness, wheels, throttle / brake cables, steering wheel, fixing pack, mechanical disc brake etc.


  • FREE gift pack which includes a welcome letter introducing your project, build diary, DVD, CD-Rom, sticker pack, TOP Trumps card pack featuring your kit!! & award certificate. Plus our fully illustrated, step by step assembly manuals which are aimed at the first-time engineer.
  • Full technical advisory service to answer all your kart building questions.





Product Note Status Price
Powder coating for kart frame
Have your frame powder coated in a colour of your choice
Speed reducer kit
Add a speed reducer kit to your centrifugal clutch
Rubber seat insert Rubber seat insert
Suitable for smaller drivers £69.00 *
Full faced helmet
Choice of sizes, full faced with visor
Single layered Pro-ban race suit
Choice of sizes.
Kart racing gloves
Extra grip, choice of sizes
Spotlight kit
Halogen spotlight kit
Netting kit
Netting kit for kart
Mudgaurd kit
Add mudguards to your kart
Bumper kit
Add bumpers & side frames to your kart
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