2 Seater Karts

2 Seater karts

Stem Stemnet Greenpower challenge


Choose either a complete gokart kit fitted with a 6.5 HONDA engine or a rolling chassis.

  • Certificated roll-cage & hydraulic disc braking. To suit drivers 12yrs - adult /     passengers 6yrs - adult.
  • Dual controls fitted as standard.
  • Each kit includes our Teacher's Resource Pack, containing, HSE  guides, resource CD. DVD film & tips for lesson plans.Technical STEM projects teacher resources





  • All kits come with our teacher/student technical advisory service, to help offer any guidance that you may need through your gokart project.

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Suitable for drivers 12yrs - adult. Max 35mph.  

Torque converter / GX200 engine / 18" Turf w/tyres


£2,950.00 *
* Prices without VAT or delivery