6yrs-12yrs weld kits

6yrs-12yrs weld kits










Build a go kart frame                                to fit ages 6yrs - 12yrs. 




  • Kits include all steel work, ready to weld together to form the gokart of your choice.
  • Each project comes with a full, technical advisory service for all your go kart building questions.


  • The extensive Deluxe Weld Kit Assembly Pack includes fully illustrated assembly and maintenance manuals, sticker pack, work shop tool guide, DVD, CD-rom with build diarys and award certificates to give to students.

  • Frame weld kits are perfect for building around your design, especially when using a doner engine, ie. moped or motorbike.


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Add a set of lazer to your go kart plans. Inc. pedals and all the brackets for your go kart's mechanical parts.

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F350 Plans Pack - Full Weld Kit.


Add the complete go kart frame to your go plans. Inc. all tubes.

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£379.00 *
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