Axles & Bearings

Axles & Bearings

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Whatever project you are working on you will find everything you need in our extensive off road go kart parts on-line shop.

  • All go kart parts can be shipped directly to your door.                            
  • We offer a full range of bearings & a machining service for axles to suit your specific design.
  • All parts come with a full, before & after technical advisory go kart axle, off road axle, atv axle, atv bearings, free go kart plansservice.


We offer a full technical advisory service with all the parts we sell.

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25mm rear axle. Will fit all Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Other sizes made to order, contact us directly.

£49.00 *



30mm rear gokart axle with 6mm keyway.

25mm rear axle bearing. Will fit all Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Heavy duty, suitable for off road go karts.

£16.00 *



300mm rear axle bearing with plates.



5/8" bearing to fit TAC torque-converter keyed shaft.

£9.50 *



5/8" shaft collar to fit TAC torque-converter keyed shaft.



25mm rear axle circlip.



30mm rear axle circlip.

* Prices without VAT or delivery