F350 / F500t spares

F350 / F500t spares

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Whatever project you are working on you will find everything you need in our extensive off road go kart parts on-line shop.

  • All go kart parts can be shipped directly to your door.                 
  • Each part is listed with detailed technical information to help you choose the right part for your application.


We offer a full technical advisory service

with all the parts we sell.

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25mm rear axle bearing

25mm rear axle bearing. Will fit all Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Heavy duty, suitable for off road go karts.

£16.00 *

25mm axle circlip



25mm rear axle circlip.

25mm Rally kart hub

25mm Rear clamping rally kart hub. Will fit Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Suitable for 25mm rear axel.

£42.00 *

25mm Sprocket carrier

25mm rear axel sprocket carrier. Will fit all Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Heavy duty, suitable for off road go karts.

£22.00 *

85 tooth ASA35 sprocket

85 tooth ASA35 rear axel sprocket. Will fit all Wasp F350 / F500t Go kart kits.

Suitable for off road go karts

£22.00 *

12 tooth ASA35 sprocket



ASA35 12 tooth sprocket to fit both TAV2 / TAC kits.

£22.00 *

3/4" centrifugal clutch kit



ASA35 12 tooth centrifugal clutch with chain / conn links.

Speed reducer kit



Speed reducer kit inc sprockets, shaft, bearings, collars, chain & risers.

3/4" centrifugal clutch kit with speed reducer



3/4" ASA35 centrifugal clutch complete with speed reducer kit.



ASA35 chain kit / centrifugal clutch



ASA35 chain kit for centrifugal clutch.

ASA35 connecting links



Pair of ASA35 chain connecting links.

£5.00 *

TAV belt - C0289a



Torque-converter belt for TAV2, TAC torque-converters.

£32.00 *

5/8" shaft collar



5/8" shaft collar to fit TAC torque-converter keyed shaft.

5/8" shaft bearing



5/8" bearing to fit TAC torque-converter keyed shaft.

£9.50 *

5/8 bearing grub screw



5/8" bearing grub screw.

5/8 collar grub screw



5/8" collar grub screw.

3/4" torque-converter kit / keyed shaft



5/8" Keyed shaft to fit TAC / torque-converter kit.

TAC - 3/4" torque-converter kit / ASA35 chain pack



Complete TAC / torque-converter kit inc sprocket & chain.

TAV2 / TAC - 3/16" key steel



TAV2 / TAC 3/16" key steel.

TAC - 3/4" torque-converter kit / box riser



Box riser for TAC / torque-converter.

3/4" torque-converter driven pulley spring



3/4" torque-converter driven pulley spring, TAV2  / TAC.

TAC - 3/4" torque-converter kit / auto-chain tensioner



Automatic chain tensioner for TAC / torque-converter kit.

3/4" torque-converter driven pulley circlip



Circlip for 3/4" driven pulley.

TAC - 3/4" torque-converter kit / auto-chain tensioner nylon roller



Replacement nylon roller for automatic chain tensioner.

3/4" torque-converter driver bronze bush



3/4" driver bronze bush.

3/4" torque-converter driven pulley



3/4" driven pulley / TAV2 / TAC kits.

£75.00 *

3/4" torque-converter back plate



3/4" torque-converter back plate.

3/4" torque-converter driver pulley



3/4" torque-converter driver pulley, TAV2  / TAC kits.

£75.00 *

3/4" torque-converter coil spring



3/4" torque-converter coil spring.

3/4" torque-converter driver weight assembly



3/4" torque-converter driver weight assembly.

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31 - 60 of 68 results