WASP TAV2-R30 torque-converter

WASP TAV2-R30 torque-converter




The WASP TAV2-R30, this transmission has been introduced by Redwood Engineering as the much improved replacement for the old Comet Industries TAV2. The demand for this product was created through the lack of spare parts available for the old Comet units & a high demand for an improved replacement torque-converter kit. This was achieved by ironing out the teething problems with Comet's design. These improvements include a re-designed aluminium backplate based on the TAV2 system, retaining its strength whilst considerably increasing the ease of fitting to a more varied selection of engines. Also this backplate is now fitted with larger bearings to improve reliabilty & an improved fixing collar for the engine driver pulley. This system has been well proven with increased reliabilty & long term performance.


A full range of spare parts & upgrades for the old Comet units & full WASP TAV2-R30 kits for both 3/4" & 1" shaft engines are available.

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The following guide fully illustrates our WASP TAV2-R30 kit. It includes suggested layout.

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Parts list WASPTAV2-R30                Torque-converter 

  1. Bolt.
  2. Steel washer.
  3. Drum.
  4. Hub driver.
  5. Shoe driver assembly. (Zinc weights engagement 2200rpm.)
  6. N/A.
  7. Spring ,garter blue.
  8. Face, moveable with w/splined hub.
  9. Washer, belt spacer.
  10. Bronze bush.
  11. Belt.
  12. Fixed sheave 3/4"bore.
  13. Washer, spg loc.
  14. Mounting plate with bearings.
  15. Sprocket 12tooth or 10 tooth.
  16. 5/8 washer.
  17. 17. 5/8 keyed shaft.
  18. Key steel.
  19. Key steel.
  20. Face fixed w/post 5/8 bore.
  21. Bush.
  22. Face, moveable w/cam.
  23. Button inserts.
  24. Spring green.
  25. Cam, fixed.
  26. Ring, retaining.
  27. Plastic guard.


     Suggested layout for WASP TAV2-R30 Torque-converter -