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About us

Wasp Rally Karts

Our Company History


Redwood Engineering (UK) Ltd. Specialist manufacturer & supplier of off road gokart kits, gokart plans & gokart parts.

Manufacturer of WASP RALLY KARTS, a quality British kart. In constant production for over 20 years. 



We are based in Lancashire (UK), though we ship our gokart kits and parts all over the world. Also, we provide machining & engineering services plus experienced techincal advice for all kinds of mechanical projects.

We specialise in educational projects to help advance all types of engineering and technical skills.

For more than 20 years we have been helping home-builders, schools , colleges and universities with their off road gokart projects.

We offer a wide selection of different types of project to suit all abilities, but no matter which project you choose from us, you will always have our full, technical advisory service at your disposal.


 gokart kits , gokart plans

We pride ourselves on our customer service, especially with our younger customers , who are making their first 'proper' engineering project. 

Hence, all our technical assembly manuals are aimed at the 'first-time' engineer. This makes our gokart projects perfect for home and schools.


All our gokart kits and plans are CE marked for safety and all our off road gokarts have certificated roll-cages.

For further information about our gokart kits and plans please visit our on-line shop .

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