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Whatever project you are working on you will find everything you need in our extensive off road go kart parts on-line shop.

  • All go kart parts can be shipped directly to your door.                            
  • Each part is listed with detailed technical information to help you choose the right part for your application.
  • All parts come with a full, before & after technical advisory service.








Since Comet Industries went into liquidation we have endeavoured to supply replacement parts for their range of Torque-Converters and Centrifugal Clutches. These are now in stock and ready to ship directly to your door. 


We offer a full technical advisory service

with all the parts we sell.

F350 / F500t spares




Standard spare parts & manuals for

WASP F350 / F500t off road go karts.

Includes Torque-converters & centrifugal clutches.

2-Seater kart spares



Standard spares for 2-seater rally kart.

R500 rally kart spares



Standard spares & manuals R500 commercial rally kart.


comet industries, torque converter, tav3 , tav30,



Kits & spare parts for  TAV2, TAV 30 & 1" Torque-converters.



gokart clutch, centrifugal clutch, 3/4 clutch



Large range of centrifugal clutches , 3/4" & 1" bore.



go kart frame, go kart parts, build your own go kart , go kart kits



Choose from either single or 2 seater go karts. Bare-metal frames or powder coated in a colour of your choice.

Weld Kits

gokart plans, gokart parts

Large range of welding based projects for home & school.

General Kart Parts

gokart steering wheel, gokart parts, gocart

Steering wheels, brake cables, throttle cables, nuts & bolts, bushes, etc.

Chains & Sprockets

gokart sprocket, asa 35 sprockets,

Sprockets & chains in a wide range of pitches.


Axles & Bearings

gokart axle, gokart bearing, gocart axle, gocart bearing


Gokart axles & bearings.



gokart brake, gokart mechanical brake


Both mechancial & hydraulic brakes to suit all applications.


Overalls & Helmets

pro ban overalls, gokart race suits


Range of proban overalls & helmets.



gokart spotlights

Spotlights, netting kits , mudgaurds etc.


Seats & Harness

gokart harness, gokart seats, gocart seats

Range of fibreglass seats, & assorted types of harness.


Wheels & Tyres

gokart wheels, gokart tyres

Large range of wheel / tyres , also rims & hubs.



honda gx160 , honda gx200

GX Honda engine range & spares.