Pipe Bending

Pipe Bending




                                                                                                                         As well as supplying complete gokart  weld kits, we offer all the frame tubes individually for sale. We also supply tube bent to your specification, please contact us for more details.

Pipe bending - technique

Tube bending as a process starts with loading a tube into a pipe bender and clamping it into place between two dies, the clamping block and the forming die. The tube is also loosely held by two other dies, the wiper die and the pressure die.

The process of tube bending involves using mechanical force to push stock material pipe or tubing against a die, forcing the pipe or tube to conform to the shape of the die. Often, stock tubing is held firmly in place while the end is rotated and rolled around the die. Other forms of processing including pushing stock through rollers that bend it into a simple curve.   For some tube bending processing, a mandrel is placed inside the tube to prevent collapsing. The tube is also held in tension by a wiper die to prevent any creasing during stress. A wiper die is usually made of a softer alloy i.e. aluminum, brass to avoid scratching or damaging the material being bent.

Pipe bending Q & A


Q: Why should I use tube for my gokart top frame?

We recommend using tube for the top frame of your gokart design as it gives a more professional look to your kart than using box section steel. Learning how to bend tube is also a very useful engineering skill to have & is a foundation skill when learning steel fabrication.


Q: What pipe bender should I use for my gokart frame?

A: For ease of use we recommend hiring  a hydraulic pipe bender for a weekend to bend the larger diameter frame tube.