For those customers making their own designed gokart or project of any sort, we offer a full machining service. We can manufacture shafts, axles, sprockets, etc to your exact specification. Please contact us for more details.

Blank sprockets -

blank-sprocket.gifFor those customers working on motorbike hybrid off road karts we offer a sprocket machiningservice. Using a blank motorcycle sprocket we can machine the centre to fit a standard off road gokart sprocket carrier.


Sprockets for all kinds of projects including nylon gears etc can be machined to your requirements. Email us your desired specification for a price quote.


Keyed shafts & axles -


steel-shaft.gifSteel shafts cut with a keyway can be made to order to suit your project.

We also offer an axle service, choose from  25mm, 30mm & 40mm, then add the axle length you require. Please contact us directly with your machining requirements.


Blank wheels - 



We supply a range of blank wheels that can be machined to suit your hub.

Choose from either 6" / 8" nylon or steel rims and then select a tyre pattern to suit your project.